Are chiropractors licensed doctors?

Yes. The state of Illinois recognizes the science and benefits of chiropractic. We have been licensed for many, many years. In 1989 the state defined our responsibilities under the Medical Practice Act. We shall treat patients suffering from various ills and maladies with skills, learned at an approved school of chiropractic, without the use of drugs or operative surgery.

In fact, our education easily parallels that of medical doctors. We must study all the basic sciences including anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, and psychology. Orthopedics, neurology, radiology and of course chiropractic are taught and mastered before graduation. An Externship with clinical experience rounds out our education.

Is chiropractic only good for low back pain?

No! Chiropractic addresses the entire body. Wherever there are nerves, there is a spinal or cranial origin. Common conditions regularly seen in the office include:

Carpal Tunnel
Shoulder problems
Knee disorders
Hip pain
Painful feet/walking

The list can go on. Wherever you have a problem, chiropractic just might have the solution without using drugs or surgery.

What can be done for things like colds, sinusitis, or constipation?

Chiropractic can address many conditions. However, there are other approaches to be utilized including acupuncture, nutrition, or supplementation.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

It depends. Yes, for most types of insurance. Certain restrictions may apply