your first visit Chicago, IL

Here at Dr. Kalal’s we believe in health. We provide chiropractic services, as well as acupuncture, rehab, x-ray, and nutritional consultations. Our purpose is to provide quality care, deliver conscientious treatment, give valuable advice, and help spread a smile.

We understand that people come in all shapes and sizes. We tailor our services towards your needs. Our methods are simple. You hurt, we help. We listen. You tell us what’s wrong, then, we determine the appropriate course of treatment.

A typical first visit includes:

  1. The customary red tape-forms; asking who are you and what’s wrong with you. How does your problem interfere with your normal life? All information is confidential.
  2. Consultation: You tell me in detail your health concerns. I ask you pertinent questions. We discuss lifestyle and habits.  Have you seen any other doctors? What have you already done?
  3. Examination: I have to examine you to determine what’s wrong with you. Our examination includes general health, orthopedic, and neurological testing. Chiropractic and kinesiological examinations round out our evaluation. If appropriate, x-rays are also taken to: a) determine the cause of the problem, and, b) rule out other disease.
  4. You are appointed for your next visit and released for home with proper instructions.

Treatment begins with the Report of Findings.

  1. I tell you what my examination and x-ray findings are. I explain how the body works. I correlate all aspects of the exam and outline and explain a program of care. I describe what treatment you will receive. I also tell you what is expected of you, the patient.  This knowledge helps you make a better decision to determine if chiropractic is the right choice for you. It also helps you get better results because you know what to expect and what to do about it.

Your actual treatment may vary depending on that day’s evaluation. Manipulation may just be advised. Acupuncture, therapy, or neuromuscular exercises may be scheduled. What is needed is explained and delivered cheerfully and expediently. Periodic re-evaluations are performed to determine your progress.

Ice is often initially recommended. Where to apply, how long, and how often, are advised. Sometimes, heat can be used. It may feel good, but caution should be used because it can cause increased congestion in the muscles and soft tissues.

Supplements are often recommended because they specifically aid in recovery.

Treatment programs are the method and vehicle towards health. It is vital to follow the recommended treatment schedule. Each visit works with the previous correction and helps direct the next visit and therapy. As your condition improves, after evaluations, your treatment program will change. Frequency is reduced. Daily exercises are added. In office rehab may be prescribed.  In other words, we do what you need.