5000 years ago the continent of China was plagued by disease and early mortality. The great Emperor Huang-ti, “The Yellow Emperor,” called upon his famous court physician, ChiPo. The Emperor ordered him to incorporate the use of natural forces to cure his people. It was decreed that treatment would consist of exercise, massage, respiratory therapy, incense, acupuncture and all of natures elements, yin-yang.

The ancients discovered and described “meridians” or channels that life energy “chi” circulates throughout and about the body. They went further to describe “points” on these meridians that could be treated to cause movement of this chi and have an effect on the body. This effect helps cure disease and remove pain.

Ancient acupuncture used pulse pressure and tongue appearance to diagnose disorders. Today, an electrical meter is used to determine meridian energy strength and balance in the body.

These points are treated with a choice of methods. Traditional needles slightly thicker than a hair are commonly utilized. More sensitive patients are treated with pressure or laser. There is little or no pain associated with the treatment.

There are few contraindications to acupuncture. Side effects are extremely rare. It is one of the safest healthcare procedures when performed by a licensed and trained professional.

Many common disorders are treated with acupuncture. Arthritis, headache, chronic pain, and inflammation are just a few of the disorders that are benefited by acupuncture.

You are invited to explore this modern approach to a “traditional” form of healthcare.